DC Connect; the sweet spot company we were looking for

DC Connect

Our team consists of professionals and certified field engineers who have proven themselves over the past 18 years in designing, building and managing whitespace infrastructure in datacenters, computer rooms and facility environments. With the help of this applied knowledge, newest technologies and innovations, DC Connect can realize all aspects of your datacenter down to the smallest detail. From the design, planning, implementation, project management to the maintenance of all parts of your white space;

 DC Connect makes IT work.

For whom

We work for commercial and enterprise datacenters, managed service providers and facility environments; those who are on the lookout for highest standards, cost reduction and efficiency. DC Connect serves organizations that want to focus on their core business. Organizations that need rapid customer implementations in your white space environment and professionally installed building-bound cabling. Users that understand that this will contribute to an efficient and continuously available IT environment with a professional appearance. Of course every DC Connect customer will receive the quality and attention that they expect from an organization that carries out its activities in the heart of your company.

THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD work with DC Connect

The correct products and layout of a datacenter or computer room, determines the IT performance. The combination of the right server racks, Cool/Hot air containment, rack PDUs, fiber and copper cabling, cable management, power cabling, DCIM, security and airflow management determine the successful functioning and management of your white space. DC Connect offers an infrastructure in which the hardware delivers the best possible performance. In doing so, we act as a solid partner. DC Connect brings you and your organization efficiency, single point of contact and above all results; your SLA is our commitment!

we know what we do

The successful result of each project depends on the quality of the work preparation, the field engineers and the project management. That is why we carry out the work with our own staff who have experience in all areas that occur in the mission critical environment that is a datacenter. DC Connect uses its knowledge of the entire chain that is important for your datacenter, server room or facility environment. Our team consists of professionals. From structured data cabling to connection of the MMR, from Wireless Access Point to 19 ″ racks, from RPP to the PDU rack, from Cooling Alley to full project management; we have all the knowledge under one roof.

What can we do for you


Structured Data Cabling
Power Cabling & Busbar Systems
Cable Management
Cold & Hot Aisle Containment
Rack PDU’s
Airflow Management
Serverlifts & Tech carts


Design of the white space and infrastructure
Installing of the fitout in the white space and infrastructure
Project management
Racking & Stacking
Migration of the IT infrastructure (hardware and software)
Professional cleaning services


Facility Monitoring
Patch Management